I'm an outgoing, quick smiling adventurer full of ideas, inspiration and love for jazz, rain and color orange. I have traveled the world and have yet to see a cheese I didn't like. I've hiked Europe, driven the US, camped Australia and with a strong belief that mountains are better than treadmills, I have climbed so high that I've watched the clouds of Nepal drift below my window.

I get enthusiastic about little things... listening to ocean waves, playing with acorns and leaves, dancing with the first snowfall. Those little things that make joyful moments in our lives. Happiness comes in tiny sips.

My dog Ginger makes me smile, my friends make me laugh and art makes me stay up late with inspiration. I'm passionate about what I do because it brings so many things that I cherish. Family. Tradition and Love. All wrapped up in the timeless heirloom of art that touches the heart and captures real people in real moments, forever.